Laura San Giacomo’s Measurements

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Laura San Giacomo
Impossible to contain

Laura San Giacomo carries the weight of her magnificent talents with poise and class—and a bit too much reserve, as she’s yet to let those ample twins out for air. In the history of Hollywood, with its cup runneth over starlets, Laura’s bosom looms legendarily extra large. When she ultimately unhooks her heavy-duty brassiere, the resulting avalanche of boobage may kill us all—but what a way to go.

Viewers first stared pop-eyed at the bountiful act-chest when she was introduced in Sex, Lies and Videotape (1989), which skimped on the first part. She went on to play a wisecracking, but not rack-revealing, friend of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (1990) and later settled into the NBC sitcom Just Shoot Me!.

Producers who cast Laura were very much aware of her tremendous assets; she had a few strategic topless teasing in films. During her six-year run on Just Shoot Me!, not only was she often wearing tight sweaters, but it was not rare for other characters to poke fun at her whopping rack. Multiple situations on the show involved her breasts (her character was even tricked to wear a see-through dress in public, though her nude body was shown to viewers in pixelization).

The noticeable sagginess in San Giacomo’s chest suggests they are all-natural. They also enlarged over time as she was noticeably flatter-chested in her early work. It has been speculated that she uses a minimizer brassiere on occasion to reduce the projection of their immense proportions.

A former writer of the program has said the size of her chest concerned Laura as she frequently lobbied for wardrobe that minimized them while the producers and network were always pushing in the opposite direction.

For the record, I have absolutely no knowledge of Laura’s legitimate bra size or other measurements.

Did You Know?

  • It was reported in a National Enquirer gossip column in 1999 that Just Shoot Me! producers wanted Laura to wear a tighter bra to prevent her pendulous breasts from jiggling around so much.
  • Just Shoot Me! castmate David Spade was asked by Maxim during a 1999 interview whether Laura’s breasts were some sort of “special effect” due to their grandiose nature. He said the studio would often receive letters from viewers regarding the actress’ heaving chest.
  • Maxim labeled Laura’s breasts a highlight of Just Shoot Me! and “zeppelin-like.”
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