How Did Laura’s Breasts Become So Freakin’ Big?

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Busty LSGLaura San Giacomo is well known for an overwhelming physical trademark: her distinctively low-slung large breasts have often been a source of attention, discussion and appeasement amongst fans. It was especially evident during the latter seasons of Just Shoot Me! when they seemed to take a life of their own and her cup size rivaled that of adult film stars. With that being said, just how did Laura San Giacomo’s breasts reach the point of legendary status in the first place? I wouldn’t say it was any single factor, but rather a combination of three key ingredients.

Factor One: Naturally Busty

Laura San Giacomo didn’t just get incredibly endowed overnight, although she did have a solid foundation to work off of through basic genetics. Simply put, Laura’s just naturally busty. Even in her early days in the entertainment business, she was modestly ample. As evidence of her proof, a few of her scenes in the movies Nina Takes A Lover and The Stand can attest to that notion. Although, by no means were her breasts near the inane proportions they are to this day. For instance, back then she could wear a white tanktop and most people probably wouldn’t give it a second thought unlike today where it would stop everyone dead in their tracks. I’d venture to say that she was a solid C-cup during the early portion of her adult life. Nonetheless, the wheels were in motion early on in her adult life for her to blossom into the cups-runneth-over starlet that she eventually became and still remains to this day.

Factor Two: Pregnancy

After several years of stagnation, Laura’s chest see,ed to get its second wind due to her pregnancy. Coincidently or not so coincidently, Laura’s breasts started growing right after she gave birth to a child. It is not uncommon for a women to increase by one or two cup sizes during pregnancy, and even afterwards due to the breast-feeding. In some cases, the size of the breasts will eventually go back to normal. In other situations, they will remain in their enlarged stated. In Laura’s case, it was obviously the latter scenerio. Giving birth to a child most definitely contributed to the expansion of her breasts.

Factor Three: Sagging

Laura Braless?It pretty much goes without saying that natural breasts will eventually sag, especially if the female in question has really large breasts, such as in Laura’s case. As the old saying goes, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. That saying pretty much fits Laura to a T.

Laura was blessed with ample breasts early on in her life, but it seems as though that she was somewhat careless with them in the beginning in that she probably didn’t give them the adequate bra support in which they needed. If you’ve noticed, Laura’s breasts really don’t stick out all that much on their own – or at least as much you’d think a woman with DD cup-sized boobs would. Over the years, they have become so saggy that they really don’t stick out without the aid of a supportive bra. Due to the sagginess, they’re spread out over her chest and belly, and it doesn’t help matters that she has such a small upper frame, which makes the sag appear even worse. Her carelessness only accelerated the size of her chest. Only in recent years has Laura “stopped the bleeding” as it were – or at least slowed down the process – as she regularly wears bras to give her large breasts the support they truely need. I’d say that the sagging was the single biggest contributing factor in regards to the growth of her chest over the years. For you see, whenever she globs all that excess sag up and sticks it into a bra, it’ll give the illusion of her having a massive bustline. Had her breasts not sagged as much as they had, they’d most definitely be much, much smaller.


In conclusion, the size of Laura San Giacomo’s chest can be attributed to three key factors. Laura’s always been naturally busty, but it was her pregnancy and lack of adequate bra support throughout the years that turned them into the mammoth mammaries in which they became and still remain to this day.

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