What is Laura’s Bra Size?

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Laura has a big rack.

Its time to answer one of the biggest mysteries of life, both literally and figuratively. Just what exactly is Laura San Giacomo’s bra size? The only thing that is 100% for sure is that its pretty damn big to say the least. But just exactly how big? Laura has never publicly disclosed her bra size, then again, she has yet to be publicly asked about it. Even if she was ever asked, it’s highly unlikely that she’d reveal her bra size anyways considering that she’s always trying to draw attention away from them. Several online web sites claim that she is a D-Cup, although, it’s never officially been confirmed by the large-breasted one. Nevertheless, I’ll try and figure it out with my theories.

At the very least, Laura is most certainly a D-Cup. At this point in time, her breasts are much too large to even be considered a C-Cup. Before their sudden growth spurt in the late nineties, Laura looked to be about a C-Cup, but that’s most certainly not the case anymore. I’d venture to say that it’s more accurate to say that Laura is a DD-Cup. More often than not, she’s looked much larger than your typical D-Cup babe. Especially considering that Laura’s breasts are excessively saggy, so they definitely have more volume and length in them than most D-cup babes. Laura’s breasts have looked so huge at times – to the point where they seem to have taken over half her upper torso – that it probably wouldn’t be out of the question to say that she has had DDD-cup sized breasts before, or maybe even an E-cup (although, that’s probably stretching it). Considering that Laura’s breasts have fluctuated in size quite a bit over the years due to their all-natural state, it is not out of the question to say that they’ve reached that point before.

At times on Just Shoot Me!, even in the latter seasons, her breasts have appeared to be moderately sized, for her standards at least. Only with Laura San Giacomo would a D-Cup be considered “moderate.” Although, there is reason for that as Laura would often wear a minimizer brassiere. A minimizer brassiere is a bra that will attempt to downplay or minimize immensely sized boobs of well-endowed women such as Laura San Giacomo. The minimizer bra will flatten Laura’s breasts, making them expand upwards and downwards (but not sideways, as this will show too much). And thus, a minimizer bra will make Laura appear to be flatter than she really is, without letting her breasts sag all the way down to her belly. By the way, you can tell when Laura is wearing a minimizer bra when her breasts appear to be substantially higher than they would be otherwise. Because the minimizer bra squeezes the breasts partly upwards, it will produce a cute little amount of cleavage when Laura is wearing a low cut top.

Clothing variables aside, Laura’s breasts have fluctuated in size quite a bit, perhaps even moreso than practically any other mainstream actress (not including those of whom who got/removed implants of course) in recent memory. At times they’ve look somewhat reasonably sized, for network television standards at least, but at times, they’ve looked astonishingly gigantic. At the very least, there seems to be a full cup-size of fluctuation involved (maybe a bit more) with her breasts.

Also, it should be taken into consideration that Laura is petite woman. She is only 5’2″. Her breasts will look much larger on a female with a frame as small as Laura’s in comparision to a woman that is 6 feet tall. And thus it would appear that Laura’s breasts are much larger than they really are at times, especially in close-up shots where they seem to take up most of her upper body.

So in conclusion, what exactly is Laura’s bra size? By process of elimination, I’d say that’s she’s most likely a DD cup. There’s absolutely no way that she’s a C cup, so you can take that out of the equation. DDD or E is probably pushing it, although, its not out the realm to say that she has reached that point before considering that her breasts are all-natural. So basically it comes down to Laura being either a D cup or a DD. I’d probably go with the latter because she simply looks bigger in the chest than your typical D cup girl. Also, the low-slung nature of her breasts probably puts her over the top in that regard, and when she pushes all that sag up in a push-up bra, her breasts will create an absolutely massive bustline. So DD cup it is.

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